We are a creatively ambitious bunch of independent Marketing Consultants with a digital DNA, who have come together under the banner JSLEADS.

We are passionate professionals when it comes to creating, designing and developing marketing strategies that take you right to your customer.Whether you are a Tech Startup, Small Business, or a Big Brand launching a new campaign, we develop, process & execute Marketing solutions to meet campaign needs in the B2B & B2C segments.

We love technology !….even the kind that scares you. Over time, we have built enough muscles to bent it our (your) way too. That way, we strategize digital processes & solutions for clients with diverse needs from strategic brand innovation to tactical advertising campaign management.

Because we hate mediocrity we aren’t shaping us into a “So…So” company and so, by innovating every possible digital marketing process for our clients, there is simply no completion for us to catch up to. With every attempt, we pump-in a lot of fresh air into everything we do. You may try us too.

Digital runs in our blood. We are in love with what we do & we are sure to make it show! Yes! The dreams that triggered our road-trip sometime ago are beginning to dot our journey as milestones today.

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Our Mission

We believe in Synergic Purposeful Passion to lead businesses through the progressive dimensions of the emerging Internet Experience.

Our Vision

We envision a World of Ethical Human-Techno Evolution.

Our Values

We value trust, commitment & dedication. So we go about practicing it full steam. We value the Spirit of Good Company & Lasting relationships. We also like Coffee, touring & creativity!

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