Email marketing is the process of sending a commercial messages to a group of people, using email. In a wide sense, email sent to customers could be considered email marketing. To send adverts, make commercial inquiries, or request donations or purchases. Email marketing strategies commonly used to building loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Email messages can be used to generate sales, to enhance customer engagement through newsletters, to acquire new or convincing current customers, to create brand awareness and to gain customer loyalty.

10 types of marketing emails you should be sending

Promotional Emails:

Promotional emails are the emails sent to inform about the products or services to the list of emails. It is about special offers, limited time deals or exclusive content. The ultimate goal is to speed up the buying process, creating repeat customers and to encourage customers to take immediate action on buying. Typically conversions are generally purchases, but it can also include downloads, call scheduling, event registration or some other actions.
Newsletter Emails:

Newsletter emails are the ways to communicate with the audience to engage subscribers by updating new information to them. It is used to send your subscribers about the latest news and updates about your product or brand regularly to keep them updated.
Lead nurturing emails:

Lead nurturing emails are the type of emails sent to a leader who have interest in the products or services, but not made any purchase. The purpose of this email is to build a healthy relationship with the lead to keep them engaged until they made purchase.
Survey emails:

Survey emails can be used as a collective medium to collect quantitative data’s using surveys or questionnaires through email to target respondents. Respondents can answer these surveys directly in embedded questions or respond over email, based on the survey delivery method has been chosen.
Milestone emails:

A milestone email is a type of behavior-based email you may send to an existing customer. It's designed:

To make your client aware of the value they are receiving from you.
Make it easier for customers to continue using your product/service.
Create a community vibe that can lead to more referrals.

Welcome emails:

A Welcome email is the first email sent to new subscribers of newsletters and blogs after they join in our email list. A welcome email should be detailed, concise, and practical.
Dedicated emails:

Personalized emails are referred to as dedicated emails and are sent to a publisher's subscriber list. Each marketer featured exclusively in a dedicated email. It allows marketers to reach the targeted audience by leveraging a website subscriber base.
Re-engagement emails:

A re-engagement email campaign is a series of emails you send to a section of your audience who is less interested in (or not interested at all) in receiving your emails. These emails are also called as win-back emails or reactivation emails.
Abandoned cart emails:

Emails that are automatically sent to users who leave a website without making a purchase or "reshelving" their purchases are known as abandoned cart emails. Abandoned cart emails work to draw customers back to the site, encouraging them to complete the purchase they were about to make.
Transactional emails:

A transactional email is one that is sent to a particular recipient after that person completes a commercial transaction or a particular activity, like making a purchase in your connected store or requesting a password reset.